6 Reasons Why We Should Include Walnuts in Our Diet

Staying fit and living with a healthy lifestyle can help us live longer and enjoy life! Health is wealth, remember? And walnuts are healthy snacks you can definitely include in your diet! You can just grab these seeds in your supermarkets and try them out in your recipe! You can put them on top of your salad or cereal or add them up in your breakfast bowl. There are many walnut recipe ideas out there that you can try on. But that’s not just the catch. Walnuts are not just your delicious snack! They have healthy perks for you too! Want another munch?


1. Makes you think better

Makes you think better

    A walnut’s shell tells so much about itself! And though its brain-shape might just be something that happened by chance, its benefits to help improve our memory is backed up with facts. This seed has high concentration of DHA which is a type of omega-3 fatty acids that can help in making our memory and mental activities work better. Together with high levels of vitamin e, omega 3 can enhance better brain function especially for those who have cognitive problems. Having the right amount of walnuts in your daily diet can help keep you away from Alzheimers and Dementia. Above all other nuts, walnut is the top nut that can help your brain to work better! 


    2. Takes good care of your heart and gut

    Takes good care of your heart and gut

      While some food that we eat can put our hearts at risk, walnuts are so good in making our hearts work better. Thanks to these seeds! Having them in our daily menu can actually lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. How is this so? Research says that walnuts have cardiovascular perks! They have unsaturated fats that’s good for the heart and including these seeds in our daily diet can lower the risk of coronary heart disease. A study found in Journal of Nutrition explained that having walnuts in a healthy diet can improve our gut health that’s actually connected to having a heart that’s healthy. Loving walnuts already?


      3. Helps you lose weight

      Helps you lose weight

        If you want to lose some extra kilos, having walnuts as part of your daily food sounds so perfect. Walnuts make our gut healthy! That means there’s a lower chance for obesity. A healthy gut can help control your weight and can help in digesting our food properly. Walnuts have ellagic acid that helps our gut to run smoothly. The result? Good metabolism that can get rid of extra fats and calories! Can’t control your cravings? Well, walnuts can! They stimulate the right insula of your brain that controls your appetite and food cravings. Not just that, walnuts can also keep you full for a long time! All thanks to their plant-sterols, vitamins and omega -3, you don’t have to keep on eating and eating again just to satisfy your hungry tummy. Now all cheers to a healthier you!


        4. Helps in healthy aging 

        Helps in healthy aging

          Want to keep your mind sharp and your body healthy? Keep the signs of aging away! Walnuts have lots of health benefits in store for those who include them in their diet. As we age, our mind slows down and our body feels so vulnerable. Eating walnuts everyday may help you get rid of age-related illnesses because of their healthy compounds that improve our brain and keep our heart and gut healthy. Walnuts are anti-aging foods that can help us live longer and healthier! But that doesn’t end there, walnuts have vitamins B and E, omega 3-fatty acids and antioxidants that can make the skin look better! And here’s more, walnuts have healthful fats and protein that relaxes the muscles and help with senior insomnia. Sweet dreams indeed. 


          5. Keeps you away from cancer and type 2 diabetes

          Keeps you away from cancer and type 2 diabetes

            A change in your lifestyle can do a lot of wonders in your health. Count walnuts as part of your daily menu! Walnuts have anti-cancer compounds that can lower the risk of breast, prostate and colorectal cancers. Fascinating isn’t it? Ellagic acid found in walnuts is a phytochemical that can lessen inflammation and stops oxidative damage to cells that can cause cancer. This polyphenol can then be converted into a substance called urolithins that have cancer-prevention power. But how about type 2 diabetes? Walnuts help control blood sugar levels and have alpha-lipoic acid that lessens inflammation that causes insulin resistance and complications in diabetes. 


            6. Makes sperm healthy

            Makes sperm healthy

              Want to have kids in the future? Walnuts may help! A research found that including walnuts as your everyday food can increase sperm count in young men. Walnut’s omega-3 fatty acids may have helped in the development of sperm and its vitality. The nutrients found in walnuts like fatty acids and antioxidants like vitamin e can protect the sperm and keep its good morphology so it can fertilize an egg.  These nutrients also help in hormone regulation for a strong and healthy sperm. Cool facts, isn’t it?


              Aren’t these facts so amazing? That’s how healthy a walnut is! Walnuts are not just your tasty snack that you can just munch in the corner. They can make our brain young even as we age and help us think better. These nuts are very heart-friendly and give us good gut health too! Walnuts can make us live longer and healthier as we age and can keep us away from breast, prostate and colorectal cancers and type 2-diabetes! Not just that, walnuts help men to have healthy sperm and have kids easier. What a nutritious nut! Just eat the perfect amount of walnuts a day and enjoy the healthier and happier you!

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