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The nutcracker can be adjusted to shell Walnuts, Pecans, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Brazil Nuts, Macadamia, Pinon, Filbert nuts and Pistachio.

Once you have sorted the nuts into different sizes you can then adjust the nutcracker for each size and crank the handle. Any nuts that remain uncracked may need re-cracking after a further minor adjustment.

Cracking nuts has never been easier. Our nutcracker is fully adjustable and easy to use. Simply place on a flat surface and turn the hand crank clockwise to start cracking. Here are some tips to get you started.

1)Place the nutcracker on a flat surface with a bowl under the chute to catch the shells and meat.

2)Sort the nuts by size and put the nuts into the hopper.

3)Turn the crank clockwise and commence cracking.

Designed as a manually operated hand-crank system, this nutcracker is very durable. It is constructed entirely from heavy-duty steel to withstand the wear and tear of processing a large volume of nuts. This nutcracker combines reliable performance with a long lifespan.

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Well, that's a nice tag. Our nutcracker machine is a timesaver! For all nut lovers out there who want to enjoy their nuts right away, then this tool is something they've got to try.  It is designed to endure and very easy to store. You may just fold the handle away and keep it somewhere you like. And the design? It has a wonderful look that suits so well for a present! 

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Such a nice hand crank nutcracker machine! I don't have to wait too long from cracking nuts one at a time. This tool can split so many nuts fastly. Good invention!


This tool is so cool! It can crack all types of nuts and can crack hard-shelled nuts easily. Just use the right adjustment and it can work perfectly! Wonderful product.


This nutcracker machine has given me much help in cracking nuts quickly. I can use my nuts instantly and I don't have to take much time just splitting up their nut shells. A very good help for me.


Love this! Just learn how to use the perfect adjustment and you can totally use the potential of this machine. Good tool to use for hard-shelled nuts. Highly recommended.